Sunday, September 2, 2007

Collaborative divorce - more

I ran across Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Orange County, California (CDSOC) during some reading this weekend. You might want to read my earlier post Collaborative divorce to get some background on the subject.

The site has a section for Articles and Links and FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions). I have not had time to read all of the articles but the synopses indicate many that have me interested and not many that seem applicable only to California. As for the FAQ's, I do want to point out this one:

My spouse and I are very angry with each other right now. Is collaborative practice only for “amicable divorces”?

Not at all. Anger is a natural response when our primary relationships change, even if we are unhappy in the relationship. In collaborative practice, you will receive support and guidance to go through the process of detachment, including the strong feelings—such as grief and anger—that often accompany it. In conventional litigated “no fault” divorces, there is no official place to deal with anger or grief, and unresolved feelings may end up fueling fights over other issues such as child custody, support or property division. In collaborative practice, we help you learn to express emotions in a direct, but respectfully way.

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