Monday, September 10, 2007

Family law specialists

In Indiana there is a method for getting certified as a specialist. Otherwise, it is unethical for a lawyer (even one whose sole practice is family law) to call themselves a specialist. Rule 7.4. Communication of Specialty Practice. We can say that we concentrate our practices in one area or another but that is that.

However, Indiana has a process for certifying lawyers as a family specialist. If you want to read what it takes to get certified as a family law specialist, take a look at STANDARDS FOR CERTIFICATION AND RE-CERTIFICATION OF LAWYERS SPECIALIZING IN FAMILY LAW (PDF format). I do not think it is utilized very much. Madison County has one certified family law specialist but others whose practice is overwhelmingly family law forgo certification as specialists.

In other words, any Indiana lawyer not certified as a specialist cannot claim to be one.

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