Sunday, February 18, 2007

Changing your mind about not changing your name?

Sometimes I get calls about name changes. Women have the right to change their name during a divorce but do not always take advantage of the law. Then sometimes they decide they wish they had changed their names.

Adults can change their name with fair ease. Only incarcerated persons cannot change their names. (IC 34-28-2-1.5) The Indiana Judicial Center posted a self-service form for adults here. If you want to save a few dollars, then you might want to try this yourself.

One thing about name changes, they require notice in a legal publication. It is just about the only kind of legal action I can think of with this kind of requirement outside of probate matters. This creates the kind of pain in the lower back that can screw up the whole case. I do think it worth seeing what a lawyer will cost you. I know that I do not charge much for this type of case and I think you might be surprised at what attorneys charge for a change of name.

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