Sunday, February 18, 2007

Child Support

Indiana has child support guidelines. These guidelines tell us how to calculate child support. Basically, it depends on the income of you and your spouse and how many children. The Child Support Guidelines can be found on the Internet here. You can get all the details there.

What you need to understand more than anything else is this: 1) the mathematics is more complicated than say $50.00 per child per week, 2) it is impossible to get an accurate child support figure without accurate numbers going into the computations, and 3) there is no standard child support figure - put three families of three together and you will get three different child support figures unless they have exactly the same income, same deductions allowed by the Guidelines and have the same amount of overnight visitation.

The State of Indiana also provides us with an online child support calculator. You will find this particularly useful after the divorce is final. You can find the calculator here. If you are online, I suggest that you add this site to your Favorites/Bookmarks list.

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