Saturday, February 17, 2007

Parenting Time

Parenting time includes what we all once called visitation but is also more than visitation. The Parenting Time Guidelines include rules on sharing information about the children and transportation as well as visitation. The Guidelines breakdown visitation according to the age of the children and the type of visitation. The Indiana Supreme Court designed the Parenting Time Guidelines to be understood by you and your spouse and to be self-operating - that is without the need to go to court for hammering out details. You can find the Parenting Time Guidelines online here.

I suggest that my clients bookmark this site, download the Guidelines or both. The Guidelines are quite long. They break down parenting time by the age of the child and by holidays. I gave up any attempt at memorizing them as I have cases with children from newborn to over eighteen years of age. As I have a copy close to hand, I suggest that you do likewise. Especially as the Guidelines require that the parties make an attempt at working out matters between themselves.

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