Saturday, February 24, 2007

Cohabitation litigation- A Checklist

This list just hits the high points. There should be follow up questions to get the details. If you have not read my earlier post here on cohabitation, you should do so. That post describes where these questions came.

1. The length of time the parties lived together.
2. The parties’ income presently and over the time they lived together.
3. If either party is self-employed.
4. Any financial contributions by either party to the other’s business.
5. Any financial contributions by either party to the relationship.
6. Any children born out of wedlock and whether a support order was entered.
7. The property the parties acquired while living together.
8. If the property is titled, then in whose name it is titled.
9. Who has possession of what property?
10. The value of the property
11. Why the relationship ended and who ended the relationship.
12. If money was commingled, any writings showing instructions by one party to the other about spending the first party’s money.
13. If money was commingled, how the money was spent.
14. Any indications - oral or written - that the party supplying the money told the party paying the bills that only certain bills were to be paid or that they expected the money repaid?

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