Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Why I say do not do a divorce with real estate by yourself

This report from the Noblesville Ledger is not about a divorce but sure shows how tricky it can be for lawyers to deed property properly.

Regardless of who owned the land originally, county attorney Mike Howard said the trustee's lawyer had the wrong land description when the township's title was entered, so the commission's title was accepted last summer. He said the commission now has the right to the land, and asked Demaree if he wanted to evict the township.

When Demaree did not answer, Commissioner Steve Holt told Howard to void the township's title.

I seriously suggest anyone thinking of doing their own divorce and having real estate read this article closely. Yes, a lawyer screwed up and that rarity is what made it news. How often would a non-attorney make the same or similar problems?

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