Monday, March 26, 2007

About Prenuptial Agreements from the Preventive Family Law Blog for Nevada

Anyone thinking about a prenuptial agreement needs to read the Preventive Family Law Blog for Nevada. The article is Prenuptial Agreement As A Communication Tool. Ms. Herr captures some ideas I have had on the subject and I wish I could have written as clearly as she has on the subject of why prenuptial agreements are a good idea. I certainly like her idea of preventive law.

Here is an example from the Communication Tool article:

A prenuptial agreement is a great vehicle to open up discussions about money matters prior to entering into a marriage. With disputes surrounding money, one of the most commonly cited reasons for marital discord, it is important for couples contemplating marriage, to openly and honestly discuss money matters.
Nevada law differs in very important from Indiana - Nevada is a community property state. This recommendation has nothing to do with the substantive law but why to use a particular legal tool.

My own earlier post on pre-nuptial agreement can be found here.

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