Thursday, April 12, 2007

Creating Family Connections, Inc.

First, I have not used this service but it comes from a friend that I respect. Since I have not used this company, this is not an endorsement but offered only for informational purposes. What I have seen so far impresses me.

This is from their site:

Mission Statement

Creating Family Connections, Inc. believes it is important for children to have both parents participating, in their lives. We are committed to providing a safe environment for that visitation to occur. We seek to identify and recognize opportunities for improvement by working with families and in community programs.
The page linked to above also has a list of their services.

My only recent supervised visitation case the parties agreed to a relative as supervisor, so I have not had need of this kind of service for a long time. Which is a bit of luck for third-party agencies providing supervised visitation services have become a rarity in my area. I do intend to check them out.

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