Thursday, May 17, 2007

Child Support Bureau

This Bureau is part of the Indiana Department of Child Services. Not something for my law practice, but something that might be of use to the wider world. The site tells who the Bureau services:

Custodial parents receiving TANF or custodial parents, who along with a child(ren), are receiving Medicaid services will be required to pursue child support services (the Title IV-D Program) through the local county prosecutor's office.

Parents who do not receive TANF or Medicaid are also eligible to receive these services as well and should apply for IV-D program services if they need assistance with child support or paternity establishment.

FEES: A one time fee of $25 is required to start child support efforts for families not receiving public assistance. There is no fee charged to families who receive TANF, Medicaid / Hoosier Healthwise.

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