Sunday, May 20, 2007

Reading around: Out of State Divorce Blogs

Sometimes the grass does seem greener... or more interesting. Here are two blogs outside of Indiana I find interesting.

Florida Divorce has a design unlike any other blog but get over it. The information here is great. I heard a news report on Iraqi soldiers facing custody cases and this blog has a post on the subject:Deployed Parent’s Rights Versus: Other Parent or Child?. A great point is made in this post:

Family court proceedings are not just like other civil court proceedings. And children are not the same as a car loan or apartment lease.
I also found Boot Camp for … Getting Over Divorce. As helpful as this might be, it does bother me that such a thing is beyond the reach of most people. Perhaps someone can figure out how to make this idea work here.

California Divorce Blawg makes me think that divorce law in California is just different. The blog highlights celebrity divorces but still there is something to learn here. I had not heard, let alone read, about the Harvard study showing that prenuptial agreements are good for marriages (A prenuptial agreement increases the chances of marriage success). The blog also posted a link to a very long article on California's domestic partnership law (Registered Domestic Partnerships, Same Sex Marriage, and the New Law in California). Considering the political turmoil Indiana has been subjected to over the proposed amendment to our state constitution, I think I will read this article to see how things do operate out in California and what might utilized in Indiana.

Yes, they do not address specifically Indiana issues but still they are well written blogs having information also of general use and interest. Check them out, please.

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