Tuesday, July 31, 2007

From England, a perspective on cohabitation

Mostly this blog discusses cohabitation in terms of litigation and private agreements. That pretty much sums up the state of Indiana law at this time. We may see a discussion about litigating private agreements but I think those cases are a long ways off. So discussing legislation, especially foreign legislation means going a bit off the beaten path. However, I think the journey may be worth effort. Particularly, when the article criticizes the legislation and lets the world see possible pitfalls. From England's The Telegraph: Cohabiting 'rights' campaign is taking a liberty.

I doubt that many in Indiana will see the benefit of a cohabitation agreement and those that do will be leery of the costs financial and emotional. Which leaves many people in this state with only two recourses when a relationship ends in which there has been an intermixing of assets: 1) they can slink off and lick their wounds or 2) they can hope that the vagaries of litigation do not work against them. Legislation does solve those problems.

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