Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bugging the spouse's car

Well, it is not illegal in Italy. From the London Times: Cheating on a partner? Then steer clear of the marital car.

An Italian judge yesterday ruled that wives or husbands who suspect marital infidelity are entitled under the law to bug their spouse’s car in the search for incriminating evidence.

The ruling arose in Brescia, northern Italy, where a private detective agency specialising in infidelity cases offered to plant hidden microphones and satellite tracking devices “in a couple of hours” in the cars of suspected spouses, at a cost of up to €1,500 (£1,000).

After some of the devices were found police charged 22 people – including private detectives and mechanics as well as the jealous spouses – with “invasion of privacy”. Yesterday, however, Lorenzo Benini, a judge in Brescia, ruled that to plant bugging devices in a car was “not a criminal offence”.

This kind of story makes me appreciate family law in Indiana. Why? Because in Indiana there is no need to prove adultery to get a divorce and no need to have this sort of silliness.

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