Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cohabitation and alimony

Now here is a mashup for you, dear reader. No Indiana statute requires alimony in a divorce. Indiana does not have a domestic partnership statute. Indiana does recognize legal obligations when two people live together (take a look to the right hand of the screen for the topic "Cohabitation") but so what does that have to do with something impossible to get in court as part of a divorce?

Think about a cohabitation agreement. A couple divorcing can agree to alimony and that will pass muster with an Indiana court.

See, I am reading this Domestic Partnerships and the Continuation of Maintenance post at the New York Divorce Report Blog and it clicks that a couple could agree to alimony as part of a cohabitation agreement. It seems that Indiana is lucky not having alimony and better be thinking of its modern complications.

Why one would want to agree to this would depend on the people. I suppose that one might want to be careful that they have not agreed to alimony in a cohabitation agreement. Good reasons for getting a lawyer to write up the agreement and/or a lawyer to review the agreement.

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