Saturday, August 18, 2007

Great post on financial problems

Grant Griffiths over at the Kansas Family & Divorce Lawyer Blog has a great post titled Saving for an Emergency Fund. Ok, the title might not set the world on fire but ask yourself if this does not sound like you and your spouse:

First of all, we don't communicate about money. We have to talk to our spouse openly about money. Both spouses should feel free to talk about their concerns and fears. And BOTH spouses should have an equal say in how YOUR money is spent, saved and invested. Remember one thing, when you got married you were two who became one. When one spouse takes total control of the money in the household and keeps the other in the dark, problems arise.
Sounds like my house.

Read the whole post and then check out Mr. Griffiths' link to 28 ways to save for an emergency fund or just go the original article.

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