Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How bad can a visitation case get?

Here is an example out of Elkhart County that is pretty bad. Or appears to be a bad one. I was checking up on some searches used to find this blog and they lead me to what appeared to be a document from an Indiana court. It is and was, and here I want to put up some caution signs:

  1. This is a pleading written by one of the parties. All pleadings have to be read as only telling one side of the story and even more so when written by one of the parties. With an attorney writing a document, there is far less a chance of the facts being hyped. So I suggest taking the facts as specified with a lot of grains of salt. Between allegations and the truth lies a lot of territory.
  2. Do not copy the pleading for your uses. I caught one whopping big error that would not be in there if a lawyer had drafted the petition. Which is the danger in copying forms - you must know enough to catch the errors in what you are copying.
  3. I suggested a lot of salt when reading the specific facts because I suggest you take the thing as a whole. That whole shows a breakdown in communication between the parents. It shows what I say about family law: the law is not complex but the parties' emotions make the cases complex. Here is a good example of how badly things can get between parents.
Here is a link to the document. It is in Microsoft Word format.

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