Thursday, August 23, 2007

Reading about: child support

Collecting some miscellaneous posts here.

The Family Law Prof reports that The State Department denies passports to anyone owing $2,500.00 in child support arrears. News to me but I think I have only met one person with a passport.

From passports to collecting child support from those living abroad, The Kansas Family & Divorce Lawyer Blog has this post from back in 2006. Something we might not think much of here in Indiana, but think about it for a minute (or two) and you might think of someone who has moved to another country. I had a friend move to Canada many years ago.

The Kansas Family & Divorce Lawyer Blog lead me to which has a link for news related to child support.

The San Francisco Family Law Blog has this post from may 29, 2007 (sorry, I just found the blog): Overzealous Efforts to 'Collect' Alleged Overdue Child Support Are Unconscionable, Says Filmmaker, Aginelo Productions. I share concerns with the attorney in San Francisco that the film does not take the most outrageous cases and uses them as a symbol for the entire child support system. I trimmed the following from the filrm's website:

Finally, a shocking documentary that exposes the truth! Hear what experts say about how some have figured out how to make money by emphasizing on divorce and child support issues between men and women through court orders. Parents are made to pay exuberant amounts of money in exchange for their CREDIT, HOMES, BANK ACCOUNTS, and even their FREEDOM!
I notice a typo in that paragraph but perhaps exuberant correctly describes the film. It certainly sounds unbalanced to me.

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