Friday, October 26, 2007

Foreign blogs

Thanks to Judith's Divorce Blog for pointing out Pink Tape. I am finding these British blogs interesting for a few reasons.

First, I do like their style. I feel my own veers into the pedantic and stodgy. So far, I am finding the English to be anything but stodgy with little pedantry.

Second, there is the joyous reminder that with all differences considered there are many similarities in the problems of family law. Take this post from Pink Tape, Collaborative Law.

One of the reasons often cited by clients for the failure of mediation is that one or other of the parties has felt uncomfortable reaching an agreement when they haven’t had any legal advice (the other being that the other party has not entered into mediation in good faith and has tried to use it to bully the other into something unfair).
(I suggest reading the whole post and the comments. I think both will sound familiar even if the accent is a bit off.) I also recommend i’m going to eat worms to everyone:
How can the public perception of us be so very different from the world I inhabit every day, where people try really hard to patch up other people’s often unfixable problems and to get families working again? Where has it gone wrong?
Third, I am getting new ideas for some old problems. I think a different perspective gives a better view at our own. I know it helps me get out of an intellectual rut. I already included one example in this post on pre-trial conferences. Pink Tape's post Australian Shared Parenting lead me to Australia leads - again from Family Lore. I got to say what Australia is doing does sound interesting.


familoo said...

Hi Sam,
Thanks for the link - I'm going to add you to my blogroll when I get a mo...

Sam Hasler said...

You are quite welcome. Keep up the good work!

John Bolch said...

[Cough] it's Family Lore, actually. ;-) Thanks for the mention(s) though! I'm about to reciprocate...

Sam Hasler said...

Sorry for the poor editing. It is now corrected.