Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oklahoma Program for Helping Dads Pay Support

The Oklahoma Family Law Blog posted DHS Program Helps Non-Custodial Parents Pay Child Support based on an article, DHS program helps noncustodial parents, in the Tulsa World. Here is a taste:

Kent Hartin is a court liaison with the Oklahoma County office of DHS.

"My job really is to help the noncustodial parent find employment," Hartin said. "I help them find employment and point them toward employers so they can pay child support."

Sometimes that involves visiting the employer and discussing options, he said. Other times it means finding a solution to a barrier to unemployment.

If the person is unemployed, Hartin requires weekly visits for an update on the job search. If the person is employed, a phone call will suffice, he said.

He requires 25 employer contacts in five days.

"I might sit down and call every one of them," he said.

Not following the rules will get the person bounced from the program, he said.
Now does anyone else think this is a good for Indiana? I do.

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