Sunday, October 28, 2007

Paternity - who can file

Indiana law lists who can file a paternity petition in Indiana Code 31-14-4-1:

A paternity action may be filed by the following persons:
(1) The mother or expectant mother.
(2) A man alleging that:
(A) he is the child's biological father; or
(B) he is the expectant father of an unborn child.
(3) The mother and a man alleging that he is her child's biological father, filing jointly.
(4) The expectant mother and a man alleging that he is the biological father of her unborn child, filing jointly.
(5) A child.
(6) The department or a county office of family and children under section 3 of this chapter.
(7) The prosecuting attorney under section 2 of this chapter.
More about prosecuting attorneys in another post.

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