Friday, November 23, 2007

Collaborative Divorce - an English Proposal

From Domestic Diversions's article Collaborative divorce for complex, “big money” divorces:

"ClickDocs announces the launch of a new legal forum encouraging use of the collaborative process for complex ‘big money’ divorces (excerpt): The founders of the Central London Collaborative Forum believe that collaborative law can help avoid the cost and acrimony evidenced in many high profile divorce proceedings including those involving couples such as the McCartneys and the Charmans."
I think the concept applies to more than the high-profile, high dollar divorces. I assume the clients in those brackets do have the advantage of being able to understand the costs of prolonging the acrimony but if ordinary citizens do not see the costs of exercising their bitterness, then it is the business of counsel to educate them about these costs.

Domestic Diversions has another article on collaborative divorces: The carrot and stick of collaborative divorce.

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