Friday, November 9, 2007

Divorce - an article to read

The Georgia Family Law Blog has an interesting article, Making Divorce As Painless As Possible:

"If you believe that a bad marriage will somehow make a good divorce, you’re dreaming."


Keep discussions with your attorney short and to the point. Remember that your lawyer is an advocate – not your friend and confidant. Most attorneys don’t want to hear the gory details. If you need to talk, see a friend, a member of the clergy or even a psychiatrist, if you can afford it.

Most men want to maintain regular contact with their children and a few want to be the custodial parent. If the kids will live with their mother, she’ll need money to raise them and may need money to cover household expenses until she resumes her career.

Two people who were once close should be able to figure this out. Of course, divorce is rarely that simple but with a little thought you can prevent it from becoming hideously complicated.

Think back to when you met and recall why you flipped for your future ex. You once listened and one of the reasons the marriage failed is probably that you stopped listening and talked past each other. It’s difficult to listen during a divorce, especially if one party is angry or feels betrayed. But there’s great incentive to listen carefully and resolve the divorce quickly: your kids and your wallet.

Those are all great points. There are others in the original article. And they are all applicable here in Indiana.

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