Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Divorce Law Podcast -

I found this on New Jersey Law Blog:

"The Divorce Law Podcast is a 10 episode series presented by Robert Durst, Shareholder and Chairperson of Stark & Stark's Divorce Law Group. The series is constructed so that listeners may use it as an 'owners manual' for their divorce."
I am not so sure that the world is ready to see me on video but I am wondering if readers have the time ot watch something this long. I do not.

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Victor J. Medina said...

Bob Durst is a colleague of mine, being another local family law attorney. The Manual is actually divided up into 10 installments that are iPod-podcastable. So it makes for easy listening. Now, a brief review of this series is that the audio could be of better quality. But the substantive information is pretty good.

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