Sunday, November 11, 2007

Paternity and grandparent's visitation

Indiana law distinguishes between maternal and paternal grandparents when the issue of grandparent visitation comes up in a paternity case. Paternal grandparents can seek grandparent visitation only where the father has established paternity has been established. Maternal grandparents lack that limitation. See IC 31-17-5-1.

That statute does not state how a father is to establish paternity. Reading IC 31-17-5-1 with IC 31-17-5-8 leads to the inference that a paternal grandparent may seek grandparent visitation where paternity was only established by affidavit:

Whether established by affidavit or by court order has an importance for how to start the case. If by affidavit, the grandparent needs to file with the court a petition for grandparent's visitation. Where established by a court order another step is needed and that is filing a motion to intervene.

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