Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Summary of Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines Part 4

I do not intend this article as a substitute for reading the Parenting Time Guidelines. Frankly, if you are online then you should have the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines bookmarked for easy access. I do. You will find a link to these Guidelines down the right hand side of the screen. So, if you do not have them bookmarked already, do it now!

Child(ren)'s Hesitation: Parents are to encourage the child(ren) to spend time with the other parent and the child(ren) are not permitted to elect not to visit with the non-physical custodian.
Last week, I had a teen age girl call me. She reported that her friend told her that visitation ended at age 15. The law does not say this. As you can see above, the child has no veto over visitation.

If you want to read more specific articles, then please click on the links below "parenting time" and "visitation".

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