Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Summary of Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines Part 5

I do not intend this article as a substitute for reading the Parenting Time Guidelines. Frankly, if you are online then you should have the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines bookmarked for easy access. I do. You will find a link to these Guidelines down the right hand side of the screen. So, if you do not have them bookmarked already, do it now!

Responsibility for Parenting Time: Physical custodians are entitled to rely upon the non-physical custodian s time with the child(ren) and providing care for the child(ren) during those times shall be the non-physical custodian s responsibility.

Extracurricular Activities: Parents are to make reasonable accommodations for child(ren) s extracurricular activities; however, the activities shall not be permitted to thwart parenting time.

Resolving Disputes: In the event of disputes, the parties are required to consult with their respective counsel and/or conduct a settlement conference prior to resorting to the court.
This is the last post summarizing Indiana's Parenting Time Guidelines. If you want to read more specific articles, then please click on the links below "parenting time" and "visitation".

If you have a visitation/parenting time case in Indiana and need representation, please feel free to contact me.

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Anonymous said...

I recently was awarded permanent sole physical custody of my 11 yr old son. (for the second time). I share joint legal custody with his mother. He is very active in sports, especially little league baseball. His mother and I live about 2 hours away from each other. I always default to the guidelines when we can't agree regarding visitation. She has been willing to work out alternative arrangements in the past to accommodate his game schedules. She usually only comes to one during the whole season. She has informed me that due to her change of custody request being denied by the Delaware county court again that she will no longer support any of his activities ( she thinks that the courts will she things differently if our son is not so involved in sports and community here). I have been told that school activities take precedence if she cannot or will not make sure he gets there but what about things like little league. Most little leagues start well before school lets out( ours starts in late March or early April) This prevents him from being able to participate in her area during summer break.