Wednesday, December 19, 2007

22 Counties Receive Family Court Grants

22 Counties Receive Family Court Grants Totaling $208,000. The closest county having a project receiving money is Henry County.

"22 Indiana counties will receive Family Court Grants from the Indiana Supreme Court’s Division of State Court Administration."


These grants are considered “seed money” and courts eventually become self funding.
The Indiana Family Court Project began in 1999 as a cooperative effort between the Indiana General Assembly and the Indiana Supreme Court. Since 1999, the Supreme Court has distributed over $1,825,000 to support Family Court projects.

The core component of the Family Court Project is coordination of multiple cases involving the same family. This avoids inconsistent orders and promotes more informed decision making. Options for coordination include:

One Judge - One Family
Information Sharing between Multiple Courts
Facilitation and pre-trial conferences
Affordable Alternative Dispute Resolution
Family-focused service, assessment, or referral for high-risk families
Expeditious and efficient processing of pro se cases

More information on the Indiana Supreme Court’s Family Court Project is available online at:

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