Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Another Interesting English Family Law Blog

Take a look at Divorce Solicitor. Seriously. Some good advice there, well, written, and done in style but completely different from anything else I have seen over here.
Take a look at Can a holiday together save your marriage?.

Probably not!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Going away together and being forced to spend all day and night in each others' company can be the final sign that divorce is afoot.
While a title like Who said men weren't beautiful? has nothing that ordinarily would interest me, but this is not an ordinary post:
Thinking about getting divorced? Bored? Had enough? Don't fancy your partner any more? If you are in an abusive relationship - go right ahead and divorce. If this is not the case and you are simply contemplating divorce try making this list first.
Check out the list that follows. Generally, I think women give us men all the rope we need to hang ourselves but I wonder now if they have not all used a similar list.

I read this blog as being about salvaging what you can from a marriage, about being sure that nothing can be saved before filing the divorce petition.

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