Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Florida Collaborative Divorce Article

The Miami-Dade County courts made collaborative divorce an official function. I read about this Miami, Florida court before but I do not think I wrote about it.

Law.com published Florida Court Authorizes Collaborative Divorces and anyone interested in broader outlines of how the family law courts operate should read the whole article. Here is a brief description of what was authorized by the court:

The model works like this: if a couple wants a divorce, the husband and wife go to different attorneys who are designated as collaborative lawyers. Working together, the lawyers agree on a neutral set of experts, and the lawyers come to an agreement on the value of the marital assets.

In a divorce, "the argument is over what people make," noted Administrative Judge Joel H. Brown of the Family Division. With both parties attempting to mutually disclose financial information, the collaborative method "totally de-escalates the emotional impact because it's not adversarial," he said.

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