Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Reminder What This Blog is Not About and a Quick One About Marriage

I cannot answer legal questions on this blog. The facts needed to adequately answer a legal question just are not available to me. Yet, I still get questions like this:

I am in the divorce process. It just occurred to me that my spouse married me under an assumed name - just one of the fraudulent things he did in course of our fraudulent marriage. Once I found this out, I started consulting attorneys regarding. My question is, am I legally married to this man?
Absolutely nothing about jurisdiction (where the writer lives), and the divorce process has started and I assume she has an attorney (making a legal opinion doubly ethically dubious) who she asked and gotten an answer to this question.

If this writer lives in Indiana, then she needs to take a look at the following laws:
  1. IC 31-11-8 (Void marriages - those that are D.O.A.).
  2. IC 31-11-9 (Voidable marriages - those that can be gotten out of, or not.)

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