Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Child Custody: New Interstate Custody case

Last week, the Indiana appellate courts had a problem with getting their opinions onlinee for the public. The Indiana Law Blog posted this on January 27:

Erin Nicole Lighty v. Barry R. Lighty, Jr. - "The trial court improperly denied Erin’s motion to correct error and dismissed her child custody action. Although the Kansas court was issuing temporary custody orders, it expressly was deferring a final ruling on child custody jurisdiction until after the Indiana court heard the issue. We reverse and remand."
I am behind on my reading - especially since no one could get at the opinions - but I will have a more detailed examination this weekend.

1/31/08: See Following Up on "Child Custody: New Interstate Custody case" for more on Lighty v. Lighty.

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