Saturday, January 5, 2008

County this and County that

For those who look for Hamilton county visitation rules, or Marion county child support guidelines, or county parenting time guidelines, they do not exist. If you are looking for county visitation or parenting time or child support rules, then you need to be looking at the state rules.

Let me explain something that does not appear very clear. At least not very clear from what I see of the traffic to this blog. State rules exist for parenting time (visitation) and child support. You can find links to them to right of your screen and down.

I doubt some of you find what you are looking for - even if it is under your nose. Remember when you search on Google for "Indiana divorce lawyer", you will get all posts containing those three words. That is going to be a bunch. Here is a link to the basics of Google searching. As someone who spends a lot of his time researching all kinds of things, I got to say research can be fun and useful so long as you know how to find what you want.

Maybe a short course in research will help you. I suspect from some search queries that you are either trying to educate yourself (which I think is a good thing) or doing your own case (and not a good sign from what I see of your research). I will do a quick research outline as another post. Fro right now, be sure to check out all the resources on this blog - there is a search function at the top and you can find articles by topic to the right of this screen.

I am open to suggestions on topic. One thing I am learning is that my lawyer's perspective is not the same as the layperson's perspective.

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