Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How to Help Your Children Cope

The South Carolina Family Law Blog has a post anyone with children needs to read, Ways to Help Provide a Dependable Structure for Your Children

"I have really enjoyed this week's series, which has focused on 'Helping Your Child Cope With Divorce,' and I hope that it has provided some helpful tips and useful information for parents who are divorced. Children can benefit from consistency, and the following tips will help you provide your child with a dependable structure:

* Make, communicate, and consistently enforced reasonable family rules.
* Establish a workable daily schedule so that your child knows what he/she is supposed to be doing, including chores, schoolwork, and free time.
* Be consistent in your relationship with your child.

Source: 'Helping Your Child Cope With Divorce,' published by Abingdon Press in their FaithHome for Parents series."

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