Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Indiana Family Law Blog Has an Idea For Promoting Marriage

The following is from Indiana Family Law's The beginnings of an idea, perhaps a proposal:

"Fellow family law blogger Steve Worrall notes that in his home county, there is a program for engaged couples and newlyweds that addresses topics like communication, anger management, financial planning, and so on. It’s non-religious, so there are no First Amendment issues. I would have to assume that the program works well for those who participate."

This program, together with the wonderful web site Up to Parents, got me thinking. (As the musical says, a dangerous pastime.) Why not have a web site that engaged couples and newlyweds could use that would cover the same topics? Family law professionals (which includes lawyers, counselors, judges, and clergy) could work together to create the content. With any luck, a good web site might avoid a number of divorces, which would certainly be a worthy goal.
William L. Wilson issues an invitation and I suggest anyone else in Indiana read the whole of the article. In my opnion, too many proposals for strengthening marriage would do nothing of the kind. As described, this program addresses what causes marital problems.

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