Monday, January 7, 2008

My Roundup of Law Blogs Part 2

If you missed My Roundup of Law Blogs Part 1, you can find it here. I will make a correction to that first post. I did find one criterion for including blogs: no posts in the past six months and I did not include the blog.

  1. International Family Law: I start this week with a niche blog that I really think gears itself towards lawyers. No, I do not expect to see a case with international implications in Anderson (not yet, anyway) but if I did I will be looking here for information.
  2. bloody relations: Its own description cannot be beat. "Where there's a relative there's a bloody good argument to be had. This blog is about UK family law." I will repeat what I have said before about the English bloggers: they do not write so pedantically as we Americans do. I envy the style and they have something to teach us - besides a not so uptight style. Not as often updated as some others.
  3. Family Law Week blog: Another English blog but with a bit of a twist:
    The Family Law Week Blog is a companion site to Family Law Week. It complements the news, cases and articles published on Family Law Week with additional comment and coverage of the wider aspects of family law.
  4. The Marilyn Stowe Blog: By now, I think I am sounding very much the Anglophile. Yes, another English blog but one that I think operates at a higher economic level than most. Certainly higher than this Hoosier does. I wish I could match an image to a story like Ms Stowe does here: No place like home in divorce scramble.
  5. Divorce Blog: not written by a lawyer by a male going through and living with a divorce. I am not sure what to make of it but I like the fellow's sanity.
  6. The Child Support Blog: written by Jimmy L. Verner, Jr., a Texas attorney and a good guy. Useful for keeping up with news from the wider world on child support issues. The blog is part of his The Child Support Web. A good source for attorney and non-attorneys.
  7. Grandparent Visitation Blog: One of Grant Griffiths' blogs. Mr. Griffiths is a prolific blogger out of Kansas. I would say he updates the blog as often as new material on grandparent visitation comes along.
  8. Indiana Family Law Blog. Yes, the first blog on Indiana family law. I take a slightly different tack but I am surprised by how much we do overlap in concerns. I am a bit envious that the writing there is a bit more succinct than mine. This blog has served me as a source for posts.
  9. Iowa Family Law has a good design and good writing but seems to publish only ever few months. Well written what is there.
  10. Domestic Diversions is a blog I know I have referred to on here. Another Michigan blog and it does a job of discussing Michigan case law, but more interesting (to me) is its emphasis on collaborative law. Considering the feisty tone of some its posts, this might surprise some. By the way, that feisty tone is something I like.
  11. International Military is a new blog. I mentioned it before here. Very much a niche blog but like The Internatioanl Family Law Blog one that will have more importance as time goes by.
  12. Kansas Family & Divorce Lawyer Blog is another Grant Griffiths blog. Mr. Griffiths was on a listserv I belonged to and he is a great proponent of blogging for lawyers and a proflific blogger himself. I am a bit surprised that this blog has not been updated since October. There remains a wealth of information here - for Kansas and beyond, for attorneys and laypersons. For lawyers I suggest taking a look at another of his blogs: Home Office Warrior.
  13. Minnesota Divorce and Family Law. A fairly new blog but one, I think, has an interesting style. Directed more to the layperson, the blog has selected some interesting topics and given some explanations that are sensible without legalese. Check out Home Alone for a good example.
  14. New Jersey Family Law. A different style from anything else I have seen in legal blogs - so far. This blog takes upon itself to report on family law cases on a county by county basis. I cannot see being able to repeat this style here and not sure I want to try.
  15. Mississippi Family Law Blog. I like Mr. Kisselburgh's combination of accessible style and good information. Some of it applies outside of Mississippi - some of it even gets cross posted here.
Next week, another list.

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