Friday, January 18, 2008

Unhappily Married in Britain, Does This Sound Like Your Marriage?

The UK Telegraph reports on a new poll of Britons:

The study has revealed 56 per cent of people admitted they were not completely happy in their relationship - and more than half said they had considered divorcing their spouse.

For 29 per cent, the motivation for staying in a doomed marriage was avoiding a massive financial upheaval - with 42 per cent predicting they would have to give up their home if they split.

The poll, of 2,000 married couples, also revealed that 37 per cent said they were staying for the sake of the children.

A spokesperson for Relate, the relationship counsellors, said: "It's so easy for married couples to get stuck in a rut once the realities of paying the bills and getting the children's breakfast sets in.

"Relationships inevitably change over time. Couples who address their problems and talk to each other when they feel they may be taken for granted, stand a better chance of pulling through.

Or how about this:

The survey, commissioned by Seddons solicitors after a rush of New Year divorce applications, showed 30 per cent of men are scared that they would have to be without their children.

More than half also admit they would miss the financial security that comes from being with their husband or wife, and the same number say they would stay for the sake of the family unit.

For those who not wanting a divorce, take a look at some of the articles in the archives labeled "Marriage". Talk to your spouse, work at fixing the problems, get counseling. Divorce may not be brutal but why not try to avoid the stress of a divorce by dealing with the problems of your marriage?

Understand I do not advocate anyone staying a marriage where the relationship may lead to the destruction of one or both people. If you think the marriage is irretrievably broken, you have the grounds for a divorce in Indiana. I suggest you look in the archives under "divorce" and "Divorce General" for articles about preparing for a divorce. Then call a lawyer.

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