Friday, February 22, 2008

Enforcing Your Parenting Time and Visitation

Not getting the visitation you are supposed to? The responsibility for enforcing your visitation lies with the non-custodial parent. Too many times I hear people surprised that the court has done nothing to make sure that the parent gets their visitation, but that is not the court's job. The parent not getting their parenting time must file a contempt against the custodial parent and have a hearing before the court does anything.

I suggest reading Insist Upon Your Right to Visit Your Child. Great article that I find spot on about what the non-custodial parent needs to do about getting their parenting time.

For the other side of the argument, read When Visitation Rights Are Denied from Oklahoma Family Law Blog.

I still remember one of my earliest visitation cases as one of the most, if not the most, acrimonious cases ever. Everything from how long mother had to wait for the father to specifying that step-mother could pick up the child. Both parents had suspended incarceration orders (he for support and she for visitation) but even that tool was not enough to convince mother to mellow out. How did it all end? Mother died. I think that says how bitter was the case.

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