Saturday, February 2, 2008

Grandparent's Visitation - The Indiana Lawyer Article

I wrote about this in Indiana General Assembly Proposing Change to Grandparent's Visitation. The last issue of The Indiana Lawyer newspaper published Parent vs. Grandparent Bill broadens grandparent visitation law.

While the whole article has very good points, I do want to point out these paragraphs:
Those practicing in this area of law point out that lawmakers are looking to fix something that doesn’t need fixing, and they question the need for this legislation.

“The bill expands the possible universe of grandparent visitation cases,” said Sam Hasler, a family law attorney in Anderson. “Right now I would say that the General Assembly is changing something not needing change and going to create a whole lot more litigation than we have now on grandparent’s visitation.”

Sen. John Waterman, R-Shelburn, has proposed the legislation that’s assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Similar legislation has been pitched in past years but has died without approval. Sen. Waterman didn’t return telephone calls to comment for this story.

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