Monday, February 25, 2008

Prenuptial Agreements for an Amicable Divorce

Those reading me for a while should know that I have an interest in what is called collaborative divorce and that I have a belief that a contentious divorce for the sake of contentiousness is not a good idea. The London Times' The path to an amicable divorce fits into my thinking but may also show some limitations on my thinking. The writer sees prenuptial agreements as the means to an amicable divorce.

I am not so about the specifics of this particular paragraph even thought I think its sentiments are sound:

"To this end the language of divorce settlements would have to be avoided, and emotive words like abandonment, adultery, alimony and affidavit would be replaced by gentler terms such as respect, consideration, collaboration and absolute objectivity in reaching the best possible outcome for all parties. Instead of referring to the “divorced” couple, the family would become a “binuclear” one. Lest these seem a little wishy-washy, they would be backed up by a hard and fast agreement, drawn up, witnessed and, if necessary, signed in blood before the happy couple walks up to the altar."
Not that some terms have any meaning in Indiana (such as alimony, adultery and abandonment), but still it is giving me something to think about for when I have a few less irons in the fire.

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