Monday, March 3, 2008

Indiana Court: of Appeals: Late Support Payments and FAther's Liability

As I wrote over the weekend, I am recovering from the flu. Terribly behind on many things but also reading and my writing for this blog. I am trying to get out the important news and the commentary will be thin. This report comes from The Indiana Daily Lawyer.

Court: father not responsible for late payment:

"In John L. Richardson v. Susan E. Hansrote, No. 72A01-0706-CV-288, Richardson appealed the trial court denial, raising three issues: whether the trial court erred when it determined he had a child-support arrearage; whether the error by the court clerk, who mistakenly applied Richardson's child support payment to another account, is attributable to Richardson; and whether the trial court erred in determining a child support obligation paid by income withholding is not paid until it's received in the clerk's office."

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