Friday, April 25, 2008

Divorce Without Losing It All

Do not dismiss How to get divorced without losing your shirt for coming from The London Times. I can quibble about how there is a difference of law between Indiana and England, but that is not the reason for writing about the article

What the article does for us here in Indiana is highlight the strategic issues. It outlines quite well what to do and how to handle one's self before and during a divorce. The twenty points listed in the article apply also regardless of the size of the marital pot.

As an example let me quote the first and last point:

1. It will not be fun. Don't underestimate the rollercoaster of emotions you will have to grapple with, even if it is your decision to end the marriage. You will be required to make life-changing decisions in relation to your future financial security and, possibly, your relationship with your children. Even the most successful businessmen, the toughest negotiators can lose their objectivity. The most submissive of wives can turn into harridans. Matters are likely to take longer to resolve than you first think, particularly if you are at loggerheads and communication has broken down. So be prepared to be in it for the long-haul – divorce will dominate your life and everything else will come second.


20. Tell your lawyer the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, however bad it may seem. Your lawyer will be able to carry out damage limitation. But if skeletons are pulled from the cupboard in front of the judge, when it is too late for your advisers to deal with them, it will severely prejudice your case.

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