Friday, April 11, 2008

Family Law Blogs: Palm Beach County Family Law Blog

Florida has another family law blog: Palm Beach County Family Law Blog. Pretty plain in design but with some interesting material that applies outside of Florida. Nine Financial Signs of a Cheating Spouse is an interesting post that includes the following:

Couples suspecting infidelity should be aware that certain behaviors might be good indicators that their spouse is cheating. The lesson is that each spouse must be educated and knowledgeable about the financial resources of the marriage.
Money probably kills more romances. Family law lawyers tout the benefits of a prenuptial agreement face the accusation that love should conquer all. The fact recognized by Indiana law is that marriage is also an economic partnership. Prenuptial agreements force people to face economic facts. If they have not done so by the time of marriage, they need to do so before the divorce. A very good start is reading the post above.

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