Tuesday, April 15, 2008

News from Marion County

Looking back over the past week, I have to say that I am not very happy with Marion County. Four cases I have in the system down there have moved with a pace that makes glacial seem too speedy. Yes, it is the largest court system in the state and I cut them some slack for that. Still, it annoys the clients and it annoys me that I cannot tell them anything other it is being processed in the courts and out of my hands. Maybe I ought to be gratified that clients think I have such influence in the courts and in the clerk's office. The truth that I have no more influence than anyone else is probably good for the ego.

A tip for anyone dealing with the court staff or clerks or even any office staff: do not annoy them unnecessarily. They have the means to subtly make your life hell.

So what is the news or am I just being a grump this early in the morning. The news is this notice that came in the mail and which I did not notice posted on the Marion County Clerk website:

The Marion County Clerk s Office is currently requesting that all attorneys submitting documents to be delivered via certified mail include the following:

•a completed certified mail card, ensuring the Clerk s Office address has been placed on the return portion of the mail card
• a completed certified mail receipt
• an addressed envelope

As of Tuesday, February 17, 2004, any submission omitting any part of these criteria will be returned to the attorney for completion.
Why not post this also on their website?

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