Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Woman's View of Prenuptial Agreements

Some insights gained from reading Prenuptials on Mom.Dad.Chat blog:

In these days of high divorce rates, a prenuptial agreement seems like a practical thing to have. Personally, if I’m a 30 something year old woman who have tons more money than my prospective husband, I too would probably want to have a prenuptial agreement drawn up. Who knows if the man is a gold-digger, right?

But funnily, if it is the other way round, I think I might just get offended if asked to sign one. Not only it pains me to learn that he doesn’t seem to have faith in the relationship, it is equally hurtful to know that he cares for his money more than me! But then again, if I truly love him and not after his money, it follows that I should not mind signing a prenuptial, right?

Lawyers love the idea of prenuptial agreements because we see them as innocuous compared to the perils of divorce. Real people see them a little differently. We, the lawyers, need to adjust our expectations and work on educating the potential clients.

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Stephen Worrall said...

Sam Hasler, of the Indiana Divorce & Family Law Blog posted this week about an article on Prenuptials on Mom.Dad.Chat blog and commented on it. Both were interesting

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