Monday, May 19, 2008

Indiana's Juvenile Court System

The Indiana Lawyer ran a series on Indiana's juvenile system. While not directly a part of my practice, I think it does come within the general topic of this blog. Certainly, it is important news for all of us.

Those on the front lines of the juvenile justice system say much still depends on the jurisdiction and whether money and resources exist to best help a child, in everything from public defense and representation to detention alternatives and incarceration. They note that many successes exist, but those examples often get overlooked at the statewide level and consistency doesn’t exist.
Marion County a model for juvenile detention reforms Detention alternatives, Initial Hearing Court draw national praise.
Measures taken in the Marion Juvenile Court have had tangible consequences for the local and state system: a dramatic cut in the number of youth detained pending trial, mandatory reviews of delinquency petitions that has led to an estimated 50 percent hike in the rate of counsel representation, and an overall environment change that juvenile advocates and attorneys say makes the process less tenuous and more fair for everyone involved.

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