Thursday, May 15, 2008

Info for Men and a List for Protecting Children

Fiona from Divorce Survivor tipped me off to Dad Info with her article Dad Info. Looking at the site, I think it ought to be passed a around a bit. Yes, it is a UK site but folks the general information and the ideas behind them apply beyond the UK. Maybe the best thing about the Internet is its ability to connect with like-minded people, the ability to know that they are not alone. I know parents get frustrated with the family law system and fathers can feel even more frustrated than mothers. Sites like Dad Info give fathers an outlet for their frustration.

I am copying the list Fiona has in her article because it has a lot sense to it:

1. Keep any conflict away from your child
2. Respect their relationship with their mum and don't make them take sides
3. Make sure they're provided for
4. Keep communicating about your children
5. Deal with your emotional responses away from your children
6. Try to get your child to express their feelings
7. Try to agree how your child will be brought up
8. Do what you say you will do
9. Be flexible
10. Don’t give up

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