Thursday, May 15, 2008

New family law blog from New Hampshire

I learned of The New Hampshire Family Law Blog yesterday. The blog looks good, short and well written posts, and topics that may be of interest outside of New Hampshire. From what I read, I see an emphasis on real estate (and has left me wondering how bad is the real estate market in New Hampshire) but there are some interesting posts about civil unions.

One particular post, Property distribution: Equittable is not always equal, brought to mind a point we tend to overlook in Indiana. Equal does not always mean equitable and equitable does not always mean equal.


Kysa Crusco said...

Thanks for the posting! I am looking forward to blogging and hopefully posting lots of useful information.

Sam Hasler said...

You are off to a very good start. I was amazed that I could have much of anything to write about on family law. I have learned there are some things that there is law out that is a bit obscure, ideas about family law that do not get much thought about, and people interested in enough of all that to read us.