Monday, May 5, 2008

Paternity: Time Reports on Father Lost Ability to Bring Paternity Case

As a science article, Despite DNA, Dad's Paternity Denied has its interests:

Last week, in a decision that underscores the tense relationship between science and law, a divided Kentucky Supreme Court told Rhoades that he could not press his paternity claim, no matter what evidence of fatherhood he might have, because J.N.R. was, and remains, a married woman. When it comes to defining fatherhood in the Bluegrass State, where Ricketts and her husband now live, the marital "I do" mean a lot more than DNA.
I admit to failing with a subject on this blog - the case where husband is not father. We have had them in Indiana and a bit more about Indiana which is not so shockingly different from Kentucky.

Meanwhile, I thought there might be a bit more on this case from the Divorce Law Journal and there is a very long discussion of the case under The Morning After Bio-Dads Lose Big In Kentucky. However, I found Comments To The Morning After Bio-Dads Lose Big a good deal more interesting with its debate of the case.

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