Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fixing Up The Blog

I did some rearranging tonight of the links in the sidebar. Blogger now gives us some ability to add feeds from other blogs. I picked ten of my more favorite family law blogs and you can see their latest posts. Look under My Family Law Blog List.

I had already set up Family Law Feed - Justia Blawg Search. Which is the blog feed from Justia's Blawg Search. I have tried to make sure that there is no overlap of feeds between the two lists.

The idea I had with adding these feeds is to give you access to what is being written on other family law blogs. Call it sharing the wealth of information that is on the Net.

While I was doing all this I also added a section I titled Indiana Family Law Resources. This section includes all the links I think everyone who has any interest in Indiana family law should have access to - the parenting time guidelines, the child support calculator, and so on.

With any luck I have made this site a little bit more useful and more user friendly.

1 comment:

Judith said...

I have reciprocated with a similar link on my blog - not sure why I didn't have it there before.