Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Resource: LexMonitor

I added a feed to Lexmonitor to this is blog. Which leads to what is LexMonitor and why should you care? Since I think the idea of this blog is to give you access to as much information as possible, LexMonitor seemed like a good idea. This site provides feeds from a wide range of law blogs and journals.

Also, because I agree with what Law Firm Web Strategy Blog has to say about LexMonitor in Lexmonitor is Pretty Cool (including the title):

The crew over at law blog developer Lexblog have launched a new legal blog aggregator, Lexmonitor. It’s pretty cool! It’s also the type of tool that will help sell RSS technology within the legal industry.

For the unsavvy RSS user, it looks like a regular website with a massive amount of industry-based content, a big newspaper. And for the RSS-power user, its a series of practice specific vertical feeds & practice management feed mixes that can help save time monitoring blog content. Some of this is already available with Justia’s blog search or in a more limited scope, Stem’s Florida Lawyers Blog Watch.

But Lexmonitor, in my opinion, is a step-up. It has a cleaner interface, better connections to blog authors, and the killer feature — threaded commentary of related blog posts! There’s also a bit of a human touch, as Rob La Gatta will be running an editorial ‘buzz’ blog along side the automated features.

Just look for it down the right hand side of your screen.


Kevin OKeefe said...

Thanks for sharing word of LexMonitor with your readers Sam. Much appreciated.

If we wish, we could provide you a feed of family law blog postings. Or you may be able to pull it yourself.

Sam Hasler said...

Kevin- you guys deserve all the kudos possible. I tried creating a Yahoo pipe for one of my other blogs and it was a failure. Utter failure. Which gives me some idea of what you have done. A family law feed would be a great idea and addition.